Willy Fautre, Director, Human Rights Without Frontiers

Based in Brussels, Belgium, with branches in Bhutan, China and Nepal, HRWF monitors and analyzes human rights, as well as promotes democracy and the rule of law on the national and international levels.  HRWF sponsors frequent conferences at the European Parliament.

Bob Fu, President, China Aid Association 

The China Aid Association is recognized by the U. S. government and non-government organizations worldwide as the leading voice for the persecuted Church in China.

Makonen Getu, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Opportunities International

Mr. Getu is an expert in international microfinance and the author of “Human Trafficking and Development: The Role of Microfinance,” Transformation, 2006.

Rebiya Kadeer, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Ms. Kadeer is President of the World Uyghur Congress, the International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation, and the Uyghur American Association.

Vanessa Garza Kelly, Director Trafficking in Persons Program, Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (2006-2009) 

Mrs. Kelly oversaw the agency's efforts to identify victims eligible to receive services.

Dr. Laura Lederer, President, Global Centurion

Senior Advisor, Stop Child Trafficking Now; Formerly the Senior Director for Global Projects, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, United States Department of State.

Dr. Carl Moeller – President and CEO, Open Doors USA

Open Doors supports and strengthens persecuted Christians in more than 45 countries   worldwide, including China, North Korea, Iraq and Colombia.

Deborah Sigmund, Founder and President, Innocents at Risk

The United States Department of State has endorsed the organization’s efforts on behalf of the three million women and children who are trafficked annually worldwide.

Harry Wu, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee; President, Laogai Research Foundation

Mr. Wu is an internationally recognized expert on China’s Laogai forced labor camps, China’s One Child Policy, and the execution of prisoners to harvest their organs for transplant.  Mr. Wu is himself a survivor of 19 years in the Laogai as described in his book, Bitter Winds.

Annie Jing Zhang, President, Women's Rights in China

The mission of WRIC is to expose and oppose forced abortion and sexual trafficking in China. Ms. Zhang presented WRIC's investigative report concerning coersive family planning in rural China at a Congressional hearing in 2009. ,

George Zhao, President, VOCN.TV
VOCN.TV is an internet-based television network broadcasting into China reports of the persecution of Christians an other Chinese human rights abuses that are not reported by the official Chinese news organs.