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Articles Reporting on Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Washington Times:  Group Claims UN Tied to China’s Forced Abortions 8/3/12

Formal Complaint Submitted to U.N. Women’s Rights Agency Regarding Forced Abortion in China 8/3/12

Gordon Chang:  The Price of Life in China 7/16/12

An America Woman Fights for Chinese Women’s Rights 6/21/12

‘Thank you!’ U.S. Forced Abortion Activist Describes her Teary-Eyed Meeting with Chen 6/20/12

American Activist Meets Chen Guangcheng After Helping From Afar 6/19/12

Forced Abortion of Seven Month Pregnant Woman 6/18/12

CUSIB’s Reggie Littlejohn joined Annette Lantos to honor victims of communism 6/17/12

Chinese Government Forces Abortion on Woman at Seven Months 6/15/12
“The coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy causes more violence against women and girls than any other official policy on earth and any other official policy in the history of the world”

Editor’s note. These are the remarks of Reggie Littlejohn, President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, at the Victims of Communism Commemoration Ceremony, June 12.

Ronald Reagan and the Real War on Women 6/12/12 (link to my speech re: communism)

The Dark Side of our China Trade (Reggie Littlejohn breaks news of Feng Jianmei, forcibly aborted at seven months), 6/13/12

Chinese Woman Seven Months Pregnant Becomes Victim of Forced Abortion (Feng Jianmei – WRWF breaks the news) 6/12/12

WRWF’s Reggie Littlejohn Honors Chen Guangcheng – Receives Award to her Surprise 6/4/12

China’s One Child Policy:  A Real War on Women, Mark Tapson 5/31/12

Human Rights Expert Details Horrific Forced Abortion and Infanticide Procedures in China 5/21/12

Report:  Danger for Chen’s Associates 5/20/12

Wall Street Journal – Blind Chinese Activist Arrives in US 5/19/12

Reggie Littlejohn Talks to Chen Guangcheng During VOA Interview 5/15/12

Marshall:  Horror behind dissent in China 5/14/12

Chen Guangcheng and Reggie Littlejohn – Gerry Nadal 5/10/12

Rights Activist:  Administration “Willing to Sacrifice” Chinese Dissident for “Unimpeded Trade Talks” 5/3/12 (1 minute video)

Heritage Foundation -- Human Rights Activists:  Obama must stand with Chen Guangcheng 5/3/12

Chen Guangcheng’s documents show woman aborted at nine months 5/1/12

House Arrest Escapee Wants Freedom, Family Protection 5/1/12

Not forgetting why Chen Guangcheng was arrested:  exposing forced abortion 5/1/12

Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Will Speak in Dublin 4/27/12

Irish Politicians Told of Cost of China’s One Child Policy 4/26/12

Pat Buckley – Stop Forced Abortion – China’s War on Women 4/3/12

International Women’s Day a Travesty for Chinese Women and for Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng 3/12/12

“Chinese Mothers Forced to Flee to US to Give Birth,” 2/27/12

Blind Chinese Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng Seriously Ill:  Report 2/20/12

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, is excited about what WRWF is doing and has begun to blog about us to her supporters.  “Introducing Women’s Rights Without Frontiers,” 2/6/12

Women’s longboard world surfing champion, Cori Schumacher, decided to boycott the World Surfing Tour because one of the events was held in China.  Citing Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, she said that she could not in good conscience surf on the shores of a nation that was forcibly aborting women.  “Standing Her Ground,” 12/17/11

Congressman Chris Smith publicly supported our international “Free Chen Sunglasses Campaign” by posing in front of our poster wearing sunglasses.  “Congressman joins ‘shady’ campaign to support China’s blind forced abortion opponent,” 12/9/11

CNN:  “Blind Activist Recovers Amid Call for his Release,” 12/7/11

“Global Campaign to Free Detained Chinese Activist Is Helping, U.S. Lawmaker Are Told,” 12/7/11

ZENIT and EWTN – “China’s War on Women and Girls” Edward Pentin 6/2/11

Women's World Surfing Champion Boycotts China Over Forced Abortion - Sports Comet 5/2/11 – Chinese Family Planning Official Kills Man Over Forced Sterilization 4/7/11

Ken Blackwell, The American Spectator:  What Reggie Littlejohn Will Learn 11/13/09

Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, Interview of Reggie Littlejohn, “When Abortion Isn’t a Choice” 11/11/09

Anne Morse, “The ‘Womb Police’ – China Still Says One Child Is Enough,” Breakpoint (Chuck Colson) 7/27/09