Press Areas:

Governmental Briefings and Testimony

Briefed Vatican Officials 12/08, 5/11

Keynote Speaker, British Parliament, Palace at Westminster, 3/23/11

Keynote Speaker, European Parliament (Working Group on Human Dignity), 3/22/11

China Aid:  Critic of China’s One Child Policy Addresses UK and EU Parliamentarians

Spoke at Congressional Hill Press Conference, China’s Missing Girls, 3/7/11

Spoke at Congressional Hill Press Conference, Hu Jintao’s visit 1/18/11
C-Span Video

Spoke at Congressional Press Conference, Capitol Triangle 9/24/10

Briefed Congressional Staff 6/1/10

Testified before US Congress (Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission) 11/10/2009

Briefed State Department Officials 7/22/09; 10/6/09

Briefed the White House (White House Council on Women and Girls), 7/11/09

Address at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 12/2/08