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Selected Links in Chinese --2012

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Chinese Website

Free Chen Guangcheng Video in Chinese (3 mins)

Voice of America – Littlejohn Television Interviews (2012)

(These interviews are broadcast via television satellite and short-wave radio. My remarks are translated into Mandarin by State Department simultaneous translators.)

Interview regarding my speech at Victims of Communism Memorial Commemoration, and two new cases of forced abortion -- Cao Ruyi and Feng Jianmei 6/13/12

Interview discussing the plight of Chen Guangcheng. Chen calls in at 5:00 to 13:30 and publicly thanks me for all my work on his behalf! 5/13/12
时事大家谈: 美国为何关注陈光诚?(2)

Interview regarding my opinion that the State Department mishandled Chen Guangheng’s Case 5/3/12

Interview regarding gendercide in China and India, as well as Chen Guangcheng (contains the trailer of It’s a Girl) 4/12/12

Interview regarding Vice President Xi’s Visit to the White House, with respect to human rights 2/13/12
时事大家谈: 奥巴马会晤习近平将谈中国人权问题

Interview regarding Chen Guangcheng; includes “Free Chen Guangcheng” Chinese video; discussion of Christian Bale’s attempt to visit Chen 1/26/12

WRWF in the news, other than Voice of America TV/Radio

Women’s Rights Organization Calls for a U.N. Investigation of Forced Abortion 8/2/12

U.S.-China Human Rights Dialogues Behind Closed Doors Ineffective 7/26/12
國會議員 美中閉門談人權 成效不彰
停止膽小姿態 人權問題由總統歐巴馬和國務卿希拉蕊直接、明確和公開向中共提出

Chinese: Jiangxi: 46-year-old woman forcibly sterilized. Women’s Rights group protests strongly 7/23/12
江西46岁女强遭结扎 美国女权组织大声抗议

American Woman Fights for Chinese Women’s Rights 6/21/12

Chen Guangcheng thanks all supporters (Women’s Rights Without Frontiers) 6/20/12

Reggie Littlejohn Visits Chen Guangcheng 6/20/12
陈光诚感谢所有支持者 Reggie Littlejohn Visits the Family of Chen Guangcheng 6/20/12

Los Angeles Human Rights Organizations Commemorate June 4 Awards for Chen Guangcheng (Reggie Littlejohn given Spirit of Tiananmen Award) 5/29/12
洛杉矶人权组织纪念六四 为陈光诚授奖

Reggie Littlejohn on the Failure of Quiet Diplomacy 5/15/12

Chen Guangcheng, Reggie Littlejohn given awards 5/26/12

June 4 – Chen Guangcheng/Reggie Littlejohn Receive Recognition 5/28/12
紀念六四 陳光誠獲表揚 記者陳慈暉洛杉磯報導

Victim of forced abortion meets Reggie Littlejohn, who helped her in China 6/22/12
大紀元- 被迫墮胎走美國異鄉感遇救命人

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers: The Effective Way to Advocate for Human Rights with the Chinese Communist Government 5/17/12

Littlejohn interview concerning Pearl and Jiang Tianyong (video) 5/8/12
珍珠回家了 江天勇卻仍受迫害

Human Rights Organization Calls for Freedom for He Peirong 5/3/12

Translation of my open letter to President Obama re: Chen Guangcheng 5/3/12

Chen risked his life to save women in China from forced abortion and sterilization 5/1/12 (Littlejohn op-ed)

U.S. Human Rights Organization Sends Letter to Obama Calling for the Protection of Chen Guangcheng 5/1/12
美人权组织致信奥巴马 呼吁保护陈光诚

Chen is the heart of the nation (video) 4/28/12

International Women’s Group: Chen Guangcheng affects each person’s heart (Video) 4/28/12
粤语]陈光诚脱逃 国际女权团体也关心 – Cantonese

International Women’s Group: Chen Guangcheng affects each person’s heart 4/28/12
国际女权团体:陈光诚牵动每个人的心 (video with Chinese subtitles)

Chen Guangcheng Escapes; Concern for Family and He Peirong -- Cantonese (Video) 4/28/12

VOA – Chen Escapes 4/26/12
维权盲人陈光诚 避入美国大使馆?

International Women’s Day – Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Pays Tribute to Chen Guangcheng 3/8/12

China Softens Family Planning Slogans, But Not Policy 2/29/12

Human Rights Organization Says Chen Guangcheng’s Condition is Worsening 2/20/12