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Stop Forced Abortion – China’s War on Women!  Chinese Video (4 mins)

Voice of America interview, “Issues and Opinions” with Forest Cong, Washington, DC
Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2, 3/2/11

Voice of America “China Branch” with Audrey Fan Ye, Washington, DC, 9/23/10.

Op-Eds and Articles

Peacehall/ Boxun Reggie Littlejohn Keynote Speaker and Award Recipient at 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day 女权无疆界负责人瑞洁女士出席3·8百年念大会并获奖

CHINAaid 对华援助协会: 奥巴马向北京磕头 - 美国之音广播中国服务将被消减
Obama Kowtows to Beijing – Voice of America Broadcasts into China to be Slashed, 2/18/11

Chen Guangcheng “Beaten Senseless” Over New Video (Chinese), 2/10/11.

Youran, One Child Policy Criticized in America, Deutsche Welle (in Chinese),,14797690,00.html, 1/26/11