Press Areas:

Speaking Engagements

With Rep. Chris Smith, Keynote Speaker at National Right to Life Conference in DC Reggie Littlejohn to join Chris Smith at Thursday night general session on “Where Are All the Girls? The Social Consequences of China’s One-Child Policy” 6/28/12

Symposium Speaker – Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) 6/27/12

Keynote Speaker, event hosted by Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors 6/18/12

Remarks by Reggie Littlejohn, Victims of Communism Commemoration 6/12/12

Panelist, American Freedom Alliance Conference:  Global Governance vs. National Sovereignty 6/10/12

Keynote Speaker, Oregon Right to Life, 4/21/12

Keynote speaker for the New York Feminists Choosing Life on 3/29-31/12.

Pro-Life Action League’s Rally against Obama’s HHS mandate in San Francisco, 3/23/12.

Keynote speaker at the Oregon Right to Life’s Annual Conference, “Every Child Deserves a Birth Day.”  4/21/12

Cleveland Right to Life’s annual conference, “Bringing America Back to Life,” 3/9-10/12.
Reggie Littlejohn:  Bringing America Back to Life (Cleveland presentation 36 mins)

I presented in DC at the annual seminar of AAPLOG, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2/24/12.

Voice for Life in New Zealand learned about WRWF on the internet and created a WRWF stall for the Parachute Christian Music Festival in New Zealand.  They collected hundred of signatures for our petitions, photos for our Free Chen Sunglasses Campaign, and helped spread the word about forced abortion in China.  1/27-30/12

Keynote Speaker, 100th Anniversary, International Women’s Day, Boston, 3/8/11

United Nations Conference on the Status of Women, Side Side Event Panel:  “Gendercide, Sex Trafficking and Violence Against Women,” New York City, 1/23/11

Keynote Speaker, Women in Christian Media, New York City, 1/20/11

The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC, 7/14/09; 5/3/12

The Hague, The Netherlands, Press Conference 12/7/10

Stanford University and Stanford Law School, Palo Alto CA, 5/13/10, 10/14/10

Capitol Hill Rally for Human Rights in China, Washington DC, 7/22/10

Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Nashville TN, 4/29/10

George Washington University, Laogai Research Foundation, Washington DC, 3/11/2010

Lausanne NAE Conversation, Washington DC, 1/22/10

Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA, 4/24/09