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Videos and Television – Littlejohn Interviews, Speeches, Congressional Testimony and Documentary (Cries from China)

Stop Forced Abortion – China’s War on Women! Video (4 mins) 46,000 views
An Important Video (Click the link to see our video about Chen Guangcheng)

It’s a Girl: Trailer (3 mins)  WRWF will be the featured expert organization in this powerful new documentary, to be release this September on Capitol Hill

CNN – Littlejohn Interview -- Diplomatic Showdown Over Chen Release – Startingpoint with Soledad O’Brian 5/3/12  (5 mins)

BBC – Reggie Littlejohn Speaks about Chen Guangcheng (3 mins) 5/3/12

Speech at the Commemoration of the Victims of Communism in DC 6/12/12

Human Rights Expert Details Horrific Forced Abortion and Infanticide Procedures in China (contains video interview) 5/21/12

China Focus:  Rep. Chris Smith, Reggie Littlejohn on Forced Abortions 5/20/12
(15 minutes)

Reuters Video – Chen Arrives at NYU (Littlejohn interviewed at the end) 5/19/12 (2 mins)

BBC:  Reggie Littlejohn on Torture of Chen Guangcheng’s Relatives 5/17/12

C-SPAN Human Rights in China, Congressional Hearing 5/15/12
Littlejohn testimony at 52:24 to 1:02

VOA Littlejohn Interview on Chen Guangheng – He calls in to speak with me! (in Mandarin; at 5:00 to 5:13) 5/14/12

Congressional testimony on C-SPAN -- my testimony is at 50:00 to 58:00.  5/3/12

Rights Activist:  Administration “Willing to Sacrifice” Chinese Dissident for “Unimpeded Trade Talks” (1 minute video) 5/3/12

Blind Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Carries the Heart of the Nation (1 min. 45 secs) 5/2/12

Reggie Littlejohn:  Cleveland presentation 3/9/12 (36 mins)

Chinese Authorities to Reform One Child Policy Slogans (Video) 3/1/12

Women’s Group Criticizes Biden’s China Comments (CNS News Video, 1 minute) 12/6/11

China’s Abuse – Forced Abortion and Forced Labor (with Harry Wu)  5/18/11 (8 mins)

C-SPAN – Reggie Littlejohn’s Congressional Press Conference Speech condemning forced abortion (6 mins) 1/23/11

“Facing Life Head On” with Brad Mattes, “Cries from China” Episode (30 minutes), aired on Fox and NRB during the weeks of 10/24/10 and 11/8/10