Stolen Children. A film was released in 2008 entitled China's Stolen Children, documenting the burgeoning 

black market in stolen children – 70,000 a year -- created 

by the One-Child Policy.

“Illegal” Children.  The earthquake in Sichuan Province on May 12, 2008, killed 80,000 people. The earthquake occurred during school hours.  Due to shoddy construction, many schools collapsed, killing thousands of children.  

The Chinese Communist Party attempted to comfort bereaved parents by offering three things. First, if you lost your only child, they said, the government will issue a birth permit allowing you to have another child. Second, if you've been sterilized, the government will send a physician to attempt to reverse the sterilization. Third, if your legal child was killed, then your illegal second child can become legal, and hence eligible for education and healthcare. These offers of help also constitute a series of startling admissions.  First, the Chinese Communist Party has unwittingly admitted that Chinese citizens must have a birth permit to be allowed to give birth.  Second, they have admitted that sterilization occurs under the One-Child Policy. Third, they have admitted that that there is a whole population of “illegal” second children, who are not eligible for education or health care. Indeed, these “illegal children” have no official existence, which will likely prevent them from marrying or obtaining employment later in life.  A lawyer representing parents of children killed in the earthquake has been arrested.

“Forsaken” Children. Recent research done by the China Aid Association has revealed that there are children who have been abandoned by their parents in the aftermath of a divorce. When the divorced parents re-marry and would like to have a child with their new spouses, they are only allowed one child, 

so they may abandon the child of their first marriage. These children are left destitute and have been called "forsaken."