End Gendercide and Forced Abortion in China - Save a Girl Campaign!



Combat Gendercide

We are giving monthly stipends for a year to mothers who are at risk of aborting or abandoning their baby girls.  This money helps the mother resist pressure to commit gendercide.

Feed Impoverished Baby Girls

 Life can be very harsh in the Chinese countryside. For example, parents may have only a small patch of land from which to scratch out a living. Or they may have an elderly parent or other family member who needs their financial help, making it hard to care for their baby daughter. WRWF steps in to help such families.

Rescue the Children of Dissidents and Pro-Democracy Activists

 The Chinese government persecutes the children of dissidents by, for example, detaining them or not allowing them to go to school. These dissidents are heroes, and their children deserve protection. WRWF gives direct aid to such children. Read the dramatic story of the daughters of pro-democracy activist Zhang Lin: https://www.womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org/blog/?p=1678

Fight Forced Abortion

 We give monthly stipends to help support women who are pregnant without a birth permit and are hiding or running to escape forced abortions.

Emergency Help

We provide support to women in emergencies.  For example, women who are hiding to escape a forced abortion cannot give birth in a hospital, for fear that their baby will be confiscated or killed.  Or perhaps a baby born without a birth certificate needs medical care.  Or perhaps a woman needs help to pay a crushing fine so that her baby will not be forcibly aborted.  Or perhaps a baby girl's family is suffering from desperate poverty.   Or . . .

We are defeating gendercide and forced abortion, one baby at a time!

Mothers and Babies Saved Through Our Campaign

(The stories are real.  The names and photos have been changed to protect them from the Family Planning Police.)

A baby girl was saved from “exposure” in a field – her mother thanks WRWF for saving her daughter’s life.  This girl was born to poor farmers.  The husband disliked this baby girl because he really wanted a son and was pressuring his wife to leave the baby out in the field to die.  A WRWF Field Worker called the mother, who said that if we would help her, she would keep the girl.  Her daughter is becoming a lovely girl and a lot of fun for both parents.  Her mother told WRWF, “You saved my daughter’s life.  Thanks to you and your organization.”

A poor family keeps their baby girl with help from WRWF.  This girl is the first child of her family, who lives in a remote village and does not have enough income to keep her.  Her father has gone to work in a mine to buy milk powder, and their room has no decent furniture.  With help from WRWF, the family has decided to keep this girl.  The mother said that when her daughter grows up, she will tell her that an organization from America helped her.  Because of strong son preference, the mother cannot believe that someone would help a poor girl saying, “It’s impossible in China.”

A woman saved from forced abortion gives birth to her baby, with WRWF’s help.  This 25-year-old woman was married and had never had a child, but got pregnant without a birth permit.  Bravely, she decided to have her baby anyway.  WRWF has given her a monthly stipend as she hid from the Family Planning Police, moving from village to village to escape a forced abortion.  Her beautiful baby boy was born in June 2012 – the first baby saved by our Campaign!



All donations will help our mission to expose and oppose
Forced abortion, gendercide and other abuses against women and children in China!
What your donation can do:
$25 can help provide for an at-risk baby for one month
$100 can help provide for an at-risk baby for four months
$300 can help provide for an at-risk baby for a year

To make sure your donation goes straight to the "Save a Girl" Campaign, write "Save a Girl" in the memo line of your check or online donation.



Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.